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mice nesting in hvac units

Mice Nesting in HVAC Units and Air Conditioners

Mice nesting in HVAC units and air conditioners can be a serious problem. Few creatures are as persistent or as capable of wreaking utter havoc in your home as mice. While you’re likely aware of what a problematic pest they can be inside a pantry or kitchen, the fact that they also like to nest in air conditioners and HVAC units may come as a surprise. They can –and do– cause a significant amount of expensive trouble when they take up residence, too.

Why Do Rodents Set Up Camp in HVAC Units?

Like many rodents, mice instinctively look for shelter wherever they can find it. Mice nesting in HVAC units or air conditioners is hot real estate for mice because it provides respite from the cold and the elements. Because they can go undetected here until major trouble arises, it’s not uncommon for them to make their way through the ductwork and into your home via the HVAC equipment outside.

Once inside, mice begin to procreate and leave their waste inside the unit. There’s also a significant fire risk attached to an HVAC mouse infestation, as they will eagerly chew through wiring and electrical components. Electrical fires and system failures are genuine and potentially expensive concerns

How to Deal with Mice in an Air Conditioner or HVAC System

Now you know all about why mice nesting in HVAC units and air conditioners is a problem and the health risks and physical safety risks associated with involuntary rodent cohabitation. What do you do to put an end to an existing infestation, though?

The best strategy is to make the area as inhospitable as possible, preventing them from invading in the first place. Covers over air vents and flue covers can help sealing air ducts. Keeping the space around your condenser free of grass or weeds, which can attract rodents and pests is another strategy. Eliminating areas of standing moisture around the exterior unit is another preventative step you shouldn’t overlook. 

Already dealing with a bunch of unwanted, furry guests on your property? Working with a pest control company to end the infestation is the best course of action. When they’re gone, you’ll need to remove any urine, droppings, hair or even dead mice from the ducts to restore air quality and prevent further air contamination. 

If you need help managing the ongoing effects of a mouse infestation, Sure-Fire can help. Call today to learn more.


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