Show Your Furnace Some Love with an Annual Tune-Up

Wisconsin winters are cold, but your furnace keeps your home warm and cozy, even on the most frigid nights. It’s easy to take heat for granted, but you need to throw some TLC toward your furnace to keep it in top-notch shape. An annual tune-up should be on your priority list if you want to continue to stay warm all winter and keep your heating costs low.


Five Reasons to Schedule an Annual Furnace Tune-Up

If it has been over a year since your last furnace tune-up, it’s time to make the call. Here are five reasons to show your furnace some love with an annual tune-up.


  1. Prevent emergency breakdowns. You do not want to wake up to an unexpected cold house. Tune-ups on your furnace can catch issues so you can get them repaired before they cause a heating emergency.
  2. Extend the life of your furnace. Maintenance is important for all mechanical systems, including your furnace. A quick tune-up can add years onto the life of your furnace.
  3. Improved efficiency. Tune-ups help ensure your furnace is performing at the highest efficiency, saving you money on your heating bills.
  4. Maintain your warranty. Some furnaces require annual tune-ups to maintain the warranty. Check your warranty on your furnace and keep up with the requirements to maintain the validity.
  5. Protect your air quality. Regular furnace tune-ups can ensure you keep high-quality air inside your home for the health of your family. Changing the filter and maintaining your furnace with a tune-up can improve your indoor air quality.


Dodge County’s Source for Furnace Maintenance

If it’s time to schedule your furnace tune-up, call our team at Sure Fire. We have been serving our neighbors in Dodge County and beyond since 1947. We offer excellent furnace maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs for our customers; helping keep you warm and cozy during the long Wisconsin winters. Contact us today to schedule your preventive annual tune-up for your furnace.

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