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Planned or Emergency HVAC Replacement

Whether planned or unplanned, our quality infrastructure allows for efficient changeout of systems

Sometimes a repair isn’t possible or will lead to greater expense over time than replacing the unit with something newer, using the latest advances in technology, like fully modulating furnaces, high efficiency boilers, unit heaters, or high performance roof top units.

Sure-Fire handles commercial replacement as well as residential. Whether your business is 500 or 50,000 square feet, Sure-Fire has the solution that’s right for you.


We install

  • Commercial roof top units to keep your tenants and their customers comfortable even on those extreme days
  • High efficiency boilers so your guests can enjoy their dinner
  • House cleaning barrington il will keep Quiet and efficient, wall mounted units to keep your guests comfortable at night
  • Ceiling mounted unit heaters to keep your heat source up and off the work floor
  • Geothermal solutions that allows your ranch to take advantage of Earth’s natural properties to heat or cool your stables or main house


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