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Why You Should Get an Annual Furnace Tune-Up

Wisconsin winters are no joke, so keeping your heating system in good working order is vital. Working against you is all the particulate matter, dirt, dust and debris which settles in your system when it’s not in use. Staying on top of routine maintenance with cleanings and an annual furnace tune-up can help stave off expensive, inconvenient furnace repair.

Why a Preventative Tune-Up is Better Than Furnace Repair

Furnace repair is relatively expensive even under normal circumstances; current circumstances are anything but normal. Supply chain issues affect several facets of HVAC and furnace repair, as do labor and part shortages. Historically, needing furnace repair during peak season meant higher prices due to increased demand and emergency calls. The coldest months are never the best time to find yourself in need of furnace repair or service, but this is especially true as normal barriers to service collide with external forces. 

The best, most effective and most efficient course of action is to invest in preventative care so you can catch small issues before they become big problems. An annual furnace tune-up allows you to do just that, getting out in front of any potential problems before they grow into an actual crisis.

Hidden Perks of Avoiding the Need for Furnace Repair

Getting a furnace tune-up skirts the expense and inconvenience of needed furnace repair at the peak of the cold season. While this is a reward on its own, there are a few added perks that come with staying on top of maintenance. 

A well-maintained furnace performs better across the board, potentially lowering your energy costs. It can also extend the overall life of your system, giving you more years of use out of a furnace or boiler before replacement becomes necessary. It’s never too late to start keeping a closer eye on the unsung heroes of your household, especially a heating system. If you’re ready to take charge of your furnace to ensure longer life, better efficiency and more reliability, Sure-Fire can help.


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