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Why Should You Service Your AC Unit Every Year?

You depend on your AC unit to keep your home climate-controlled during the warmest months of the year and it depends on you to keep it maintained. Like all appliances, an AC unit has mechanical parts that can wear out or become dirty, impairing its ability to perform.

Annual service can ensure your AC unit is ready to meet the challenge of keeping your home cool, improving efficiency and extending the unit’s lifespan. Here are a few reasons why it is important to perform service on your AC unit every year.

Clean the Components

Air conditioning systems work by cooling the air that flows through them and into your home. With that air comes dust and debris. Not only do the filters need to be changed (as often as once a month), but the other components that collect dust and dirt need cleaning as well.

Dirty coils or clogged vents can impact the cooling ability of your unit and make it work harder, using more energy. Part of your annual service is cleaning the coils to improve the performance and efficiency of your unit.

Inspect and Repair to Prevent Breakdowns

AC units can last ten to twenty years or more if they are well-maintained, but not all the parts will last that long.   A yearly inspection of the different components is necessary to check for wear and tear as well as overall performance.

An AC technician can identify parts that should be replaced before they stop working altogether. This can prevent breakdowns in the middle of the hottest months when you need your AC the most and finding an available service company is the most difficult.

Lower Energy Bills

When your AC unit is clean and functioning properly, it will use less energy and work better. The investment in annual service can save you money every month on your energy bills and increase the life of your AC unit, making it a wise investment.

A spring tune-up is an excellent way to ensure your air conditioning unit is ready to perform efficiently and effectively for the summer ahead. Contact our team at Sure-Fire to schedule your AC service and tune-up to keep your AC working great all summer long.





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