Covid 19 HVAC Wisconsin

COVID-19 and Your HVAC 

The seasons have changed and the weather is about as predictable as the current health situation gripping the country. Some things never change, however, like the need to have maintenance and repairs to your HVAC system.

HVAC equipment doesn’t care that there is a pandemic but all of us at Sure-Fire HVAC do.

We want to help you stay cool, or warm depending on the Wisconsin weather’s gameplan, this Spring while keeping your household and our team healthy. 

Sure-Fire is considered an essential business and we are still able to perform necessary services for your HVAC system.

We have adopted some best practices set forth by the CDC and local government. Many times we will not have to enter your home to provide those services, which allows us to remain “Contact-Free”, almost eliminating the opportunity for infection.  If we do have to enter your home to perform HVAC system work, we will utilize best practices such as:

  • Disinfecting hands, equipment, or footwear which may become contaminated and spread disease.
  • Excluding from work any employee who is ill
  • Maintaining a 6ft distance between clients and technicians where possible
  • Utilizing face masks

Currently, we are offering a contact-free, Spring Tune-Up service special. Certified HVAC technicians will perform the external portion of the tune-up to your unit. They will drop off a new filter for the homeowner to change and direct setting changes to the thermostat by phone.  Even your billing can be contact-free.  This service will help your HVAC system run smoothly throughout spring and summer keeping you comfortable at home.

Special Offer