Cool Your Home with Ductless Mini Splits

If you are looking for a ductless option for air conditioning, you may want to consider a ductless mini-split. When professionally installed, ductless splits offer a compact, affordable option for adding climate control to individual rooms or spaces. Mini-splits can be used for a variety of climate control purposes and are convenient to install. Here are some of the ways our customers are using mini-splits in their homes, businesses, and outbuildings without ductwork.


Zone Climate Control

Do you want to create different zones for climate control in your home or other building? Mini-splits are individually controlled, allowing you to change the heating and cooling options for separate rooms or spaces. This is a good fit for additions to your home or for climate control for a main room when other sources of heating or cooling are turned off, or ductwork is not available to that space. Using a mini-split can save on energy costs, allowing you to only heat or cool certain rooms or zones when needed.


Air Conditioning for Hot Water Heat

If you have a home with hot water heat and no ductwork, a mini-split is a perfect addition for air conditioning. Since you don’t need ductwork, these units can be installed in an area desired for year-round climate control.


Compact Heating and Cooling for Garages and Outbuildings

Mini-splits can be installed in any building or structure with little room or preparation needed. There is a small indoor and outdoor unit that are each secured to the wall. These units are perfect for a workshop, garage, or other outbuilding that needs heating or cooling.


Ductless mini-splits are energy efficient and can be a great addition to your home, business, or outbuilding. If you want to learn more about the different options available, contact our knowledgeable heating and cooling experts at Sure-Fire, Inc. We offer professional installation of mini-splits for our customers in Dodge County and beyond. Call us for all your heating and cooling needs.

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