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Benefits of a Dual AC and Furnace HVAC Installation


Are you considering replacing your furnace before winter to avoid furnace repairs or did summer prove to be too much for your air conditioning unit? If you are planning to replace either your AC or furnace, it is worthwhile to consider replacing both at the same time. Even if one is still functioning, if it is similar in age to the other system, it probably will need to be replaced in the near future. Here are some benefits of replacing both at the same time when you schedule your HVAC installation. 


Better Energy Efficiency Year Round

Older HVAC components tend to have reduced efficiency. By replacing both your furnace and AC at the same time, you can improve your overall HVAC energy efficiency. In a split system, the AC unit uses the fan of the furnace. If you replace the AC, which tends to have a shorter lifespan than your furnace, but do not replace the furnace, you may not get the best efficiency due to using the older fan for distribution. The improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills will make the dual installation worthwhile in most cases. 


More Rebates to Offset Costs

You can help offset the cost of your AC and furnace installation by taking advantage of rebates. Lennox offers some valuable rebates that can be doubled if HVAC contractors install both an AC and furnace. Check for utility rebates as well to get even more money for improving your energy efficiency. 


Reduced Cost of HVAC Installation

You will save a significant amount of money off installation when both units are replaced at the same time. There is only one trip to your home or business for your HVAC contractors and it takes less time to install two units at once than to perform AC and furnace installation separately. 


If you are ready to replace either your furnace or AC unit, contact our team at Sure-Fire, Inc. We can evaluate your system and let you know whether it would be advantageous to schedule a dual HVAC installation. Call us to get a free estimate on your AC and furnace installation from experienced HVAC contractors.


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