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HVAC Zones

Getting the Most From Your Zoned HVAC

In order to talk about how to get the most out of a zoned HVAC system, you first need an understanding of what they are. Simply put, a zoned HVAC system separates areas of your residential or commercial space or building by areas, or zones, which require similar temperature and air-flow conditions. Two-story homes will often have two zones; one for each floor. Larger homes and business spaces may have more zones. The point is that zone HVAC systems allow separate electronic controls for varying levels of heating and cooling simultaneously throughout your house. 


Save Money and Increase Comfort

Using the higher heating or cooling settings only in rooms being currently used can save money by lowering power costs in unused rooms, without lowering the overall effectiveness of your system. Having one thermostat controlling an entire space allows hot or cold spots in areas affected by shade or sun, poorly vented areas, cooking, or wind outside windows. Zoned HVAC guided by multiple thermostats can react to varying conditions throughout the zones. The homeowner has many choices as to how the zones are set up. 


Zoned HVAC Installation Cautions

While zoned HVAC systems can clearly revolutionize the efficiency and comfort of your home, the set-up can be tricky, so it requires a professional HVAC contractor for installation and repair. Some systems use a split set-up using a single zone, while others use separate zones with multiple controls; one per thermostat. Knowing how to set up dampers properly, or under what circumstance to use a bypass, can affect the performance of a zoned HVAC system, so don’t try to do it yourself and take care in choosing your contractors.


Best Uses for Zoned HVAC Spaces

Ideal spaces for zoned HVAC systems include:

  • Sunrooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Areas with large windows
  • Finished attics & basements
  • Multiple levels
  • Additions
  • Mother-in-law spaces


Call to schedule an appointment with one of our Sure-Fire professionals to see if a zoned HVAC system might save you money or solve the heating or cooling comfort issues in your home. We can recommend the scope and type of system that might work best with your unique area and budget. We will also make sure the install is done right the first time. 


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