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5 Things your HVAC Tech is Thankful for


In this season of thankfulness, we take stock of the many parts of life we take for granted. One of them may be the physical comfort created in our home by a working AC or Heating system. There are 5 ways to make sure your HVAC tech is grateful when they arrive to service your HVAC system.

  • Clear the space around the furnace or AC unit – Be sure your tech has room to move and work on your unit. They’ll have tools and a case to carry. They will need to spread out a bit and cramming into small spaces with clutter in the way is not only inconvenient, but it makes the job harder and take longer. 
  • Give them no distractions – Your HVAC tech wants to get your system up and running as soon as possible. Make sure your children and pets do not get in the tech’s way. Let the tech focus on their job at hand without worrying about possible harm to children or pets in their workspace. If possible, plan to have the kids and the dog entertained elsewhere during the service call.
  • Track your problem details – Your tech needs to know exactly what issues have brought him to your home for the service call. Document how the system behaves, works, or doesn’t work. Write down details regarding sounds and odors, as well as visual observations with exact dates and times of day before your tech arrives. You might save him some time, and by extension, save yourself some money on an easier call. 


  • Regular maintenance – Don’t wait until it’s 90 degrees and the AC shuts down, or it’s 12 degrees out and the furnace doesn’t warm your house enough. Your HVAC tech will be eternally grateful for early maintenance appointments so he can check the system’s operation before you have a problem. They can help you change filters and make sure everything is in good working order when you do finally “flip the switch” from one season to another.


  • The little things – Your HVAC tech working in a very warm, confined space when the AC is down is no fun. Likewise, if your furnace is in the freezing basement, your HVAC tech might be pretty uncomfortable. Imagine the tech’s gratitude for the offer of iced tea in the hot attic or a hot mug of cocoa on a cold day.

All kidding aside, your Sure-Fire HVAC tech is always happy to make sure your home is safe and comfortable, no matter what the situation is. Call us for an appointment to get your system ready for the upcoming season. Your tech and your family will be grateful.


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