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Home Service Plans are the Perfect Gift

Why a Home Service Plan is a Gift that Keeps on Giving

After the office parties, the dinners, and family gatherings, we throw away crumpled wrapping paper, clean up the dishes, and take the decorations down. For the rest of the year, do we remember what gifts we received? Worse yet, do we regret what we bought for others?

Gifts You Regret Giving

In the excitement of the season, we can buy gifts that seem like a good idea at the time, but turn out to be a bad idea. Buyer’s remorse after the holidays is hard to deal with. Here are some of the gifts you should probably NOT give:


  • A Pet – Oh, you may have had the best intentions. That puppy was so cute, but you didn’t think about the fact that your loved one is gone, traveling for work most of the week. Without knowing for certain they want a puppy, or a particular breed, it could be an awkward gift exchange. They probably don’t want a ferret, or parakeet, and quite possibly are allergic to a cuddly Persian kitten. Pets also incur future expenses. 


  • Exercise Equipment – Most folks who enjoy exercise usually have what they need or want already. If they aren’t into exercise, your gift will feel like a “hint.” Skip the gym memberships, workout clothes, or equipment unless you’re positive they want something very specific. Don’t spend money on items that may never get used. Ever see a stationary bike used as a clothes rack?


  • Clothing – Unless you are intimately acquainted with the person you are buying for, chances are high you won’t choose something they like, feel good in, or is even the right size. It’s a trap. Stay away from clothes for friends and workmates, especially.


  • CDs and DVDs – Today, most people stream their entertainment. Unless you’re buying for an older Boomer, CDs and DVDs just aren’t popular. Don’t be tempted to do it anyway, even if you can get them for $5 in a bargain barrel. 


A Service Plan Really Is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Is there a way to give a practical gift that shows you care? Your air conditioning system or furnace doesn’t always stop working properly when it’s convenient or affordable. Can you imagine the appreciation your adult kids might feel when they purchase their new home and you’ve provided a Sure-Fire HVAC service plan? We have many plans to choose from which include diagnostic services, emergency repair, discounted or fully covered repairs, annual tune-ups, and great deals on the best new equipment. You could save hundreds of dollars each year for yourself or someone you care about. With a Sure-Fire service plan gift, you’ll never suffer buyer’s remorse. Call for our service plan information today!


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