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CO Poisoning Prevention

CO Poisoning and Your Furnace

CO Poisoning – Has Your Furnace Been Checked?

How long do you go without getting your oil changed or your tires on your car checked? Most people going on a trip, change the oil and check all fluids just to make sure they get the best mileage and stay relatively safe on the drive. Most people empty the lint trap on the dryer every once in a while, knowing it will build up causing clothes to take longer to dry while possibly creating an eventual hazard. Many of us are fairly diligent about changing a refrigerator water filter to make our water and ice taste better. But how long has it been since you had your furnace system checked? Is it important to do so?


Danger Lurks in Your Furnace

A well-maintained furnace is considered very safe in your home. On the other hand, proper maintenance requires more than a regular filter swap or flame sensor cleaning. It calls for diligence and expert assessment on a regular basis to make sure it’s always functioning properly. Here are a few facts about the importance of regular checks on your furnace system:


  • A malfunctioning furnace can be deadly – Of all the machines, devices or structures in your home, your furnace should be at the very top of the list to make sure it is functioning properly. Your furnace can leak carbon monoxide, a silent and odorless killer, which is also combustible. A furnace leaking CO is nothing to play around with, so make sure to allot a budget to get the thorough furnace check and possibly some repair work done every year.
  • Regular furnace checks can avoid hotel stays for emergencies – If you do find that you have a leak or other structural issues with your heat exchanger or tubes that guide CO away from your air flow, you might have to leave your home while the repair work is done. This is dramatic but necessary in an emergency situation. You can prevent the danger, time and money wasted if you simply get a furnace check on a regular schedule.
  • Other maintenance steps that help –  Along with regular checks and cleaning by your professional technician, other things can be done to promote safety. Regularly change the furnace filters yourself. Acquaint yourself with signs of CO poisoning. Keep the area around the furnace clear, without obstructions. Install CO detectors on every floor in your house. Make sure vents in your home are open and unobstructed to prevent your furnace from overheating. Don’t store flammable substances around your furnace. 

Our expert Sure-Fire technicians will take the time to do a thorough safety check on your furnace and recommend only what needs to be done at an affordable price. Call us today!


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