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End of Season Shut Down of AC System

Does the thought of shutting down your AC system at the end of season give you the chills? If so, you are just like the majority of homeowners in America. It’s a gamble because you never know if there are more hot days to come after the summer. The alternative, however, is trying to deal with the issue during the Wisconsin winter.

To get the job out of the way without overthinking, it helps to shut down your AC system when you are in the winter preparation mood. That means while you are securing the pool or putting away your summer furniture is the perfect time.

If you really want to play it down to the wire, wait until you see the first frost—this indicates the beginning of cold weather. You will know when the urge to turn the heating on kicks in, it is more than time to shut down your AC system for the winter.

Delays that May Cost You

If your AC system unit includes an internal heating system for the condenser, delaying the task of shutting the system down may result in some unexpected guests setting up home. This feature is designed to keep liquids in the unit warm enough that they don’t freeze. Field mice will identify the heat and see a potential habitat. Many of these units have a switch that controls the AC condenser, so make sure to shut it off when you are taking care of the AC system.

When you shut down your AC unit it is important to also cover it for the winter.  They are built to endure cold weather but contact with ice and snow may cause damage to the external features of the system.

The covers made specifically for your AC system are not an elaborate scheme to separate you from your hard-earned money. These covers provide the right level of ventilation and protection for the unit. DIY covers result in the buildup of condensation, which may damage the components of the unit.

If you do choose to cover your AC in the winter, it’s imperative to remember to remove the cover BEFORE your AC could possibly run again. Leaving a cover on when the AC runs could severely damage your unit, possibly beyond repair.

For all your AC system maintenance needs, Sure-Fire in Dodge County Wisconsin has you covered. Call today to speak to an expert in residential or commercial HVAC services. Or stop in to check out our selection of AC covers.


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