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A/C is Too Big

How to Tell if Your A/C is Too Big

If “go big or go home” is your mantra, springing for the largest and most powerful A/C system can feel like a good investment. After all, if a little is good, a lot must be better, right? When it comes to your A/C unit, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, an oversized unit can cause a host of issues, some you might never suspect. Here are a few tips your A/C system may be a little over the top for your space. 

  • Rapid-Fire Cycling – When an air conditioner is too large and powerful for the space it’s cooling, running cycles can be as short as 8 to 10 minutes. Ideally, this process should take up to 20 minutes. Shorter running time doesn’t mean lower bills, though, or a more efficiently cooled space. 
  • High Humidity – Is your home humid and damp in the summer or prone to mold and mildew? Your A/C sizing could be to blame. When your system is too large, cycles don’t run long enough to remove water vapor from the air. 
  • High Energy Costs – Electricity bills are almost always higher than anyone would like. Still, excessively high electric bills can be a dead giveaway your air conditioner is too big and too powerful. Starting up the compressor is one of the single largest energy-gobbling aspects of running an air conditioning system. Short cycles mean the system is frequently starting up, inflating your energy use and electricity costs. 
  • Inconsistent Temperature – Are parts of your home sweltering in summer, while others are too cold for comfort? An overly large A/C could be to blame. An overpowered system cools the air around the thermostat in record time but doesn’t have enough time to cool the entirety of your home during a cycle. If some rooms in your house just aren’t ever comfortable, this could be the root cause. 

Not sure if your A/C unit is too large? Sure-Fire can help make sure your system is running at peak efficiency, is appropriately sized for your space and ready to keep you cool all summer long. 


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