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5 things to look for when choosing an HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

Your home heating and cooling system is a significant investment, but you want to protect it for reasons far beyond seeing a tangible return on that investment. From the bitter cold of Wisconsin winter to the heat of the summer sun, your home HVAC system is doing all the work of keeping your family comfortable.

Signs of a Great HVAC Contractor

Sooner or later, you will inevitably find yourself needing a reputable, reliable, and knowledgeable HVAC professional. Unfortunately, even with the most meticulous homeowner maintenance, things can and sometimes do go wrong. Finding yourself in urgent need of an HVAC contractor makes it easy to hire the first person you see and hope for the best, but this is rarely the best course of action. 

Ideally, you’ll already be familiar with the perfect team for the job when and if an emergency strikes; working with the same professionals who service your system and provide vital routine maintenance is the team for the job. They already know your system, may have spotted potential trouble spots waiting to cause a problem, and they’ll confidently be able to finish the job perfectly.

Qualities to Seek Out in an HVAC Contractor

A respectful, kind and prompt HVAC contractor is the bare minimum. However, in addition to these essential traits, a contractor should also:

  1. Carry Proper Insurance and Licensing – Shade tree mechanics can be a fine choice to do very simple maintenance, but a jack-of-all-trades, unlicensed handyman who damages your home, your property, or causes injury to himself or others, could be an insurance claim nightmare. Instead, find a licensed and insured professional contractor emphasizing home heating and cooling.
  2. References – Happy customers love to provide testimonials, and those testimonials can help guide your hiring decision. From word-of-mouth feedback to website testimonials, references can help you make big decisions with the assurances of others in situations similar to yours. 
  3. Home Evaluation – Upon first examining your system and determining if a new unit will be needed, an entire home evaluation should be completed before pulling that proverbial trigger. A great contractor will want to take advantage of the opportunity to ensure the system is flawlessly sized for your home’s size and average demand. 
  4. Rebates and Special Offers – It’s not cheap to replace an entire HVAC unit. If you find yourself in this already uncomfortable predicament, rebates and special incentives are a way to ease some of the strain. Your contractor should work to help you secure those rebates, saving you time and money. 
  5. Look for the Energy Star – Energy Star-rated appliances use less energy to operate, creating a more efficient system with less damage to the environment. Not particularly invested in the ecological impacts? The impact on your wallet is also significantly smaller.

Sure-Fire Can Help You Find a Great HVAC Contractor

More than seven decades of doing business in the community mean Sure-Fire has more than built up goodwill among neighbors and generations of previous clients. So, if you’re looking for an HVAC contractor you can trust, turn to Sure-Fire. The service fleet is available around the clock every day, so you never have to worry about late night or early morning emergencies.


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