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AC unit installation

Why AC Unit Installation Needs Experienced Contractors

So many projects around the house are perfect for the handy homeowner to tackle, DIY-style. Unfortunately, AC unit installation just isn’t one of those projects. Don’t gamble on your household’s safety and comfort in the sweltering summer months! Read on to learn why you should always turn to a professional, whether it’s time for a first-time installation or a system replacement.

Aspects of AC Unit Installation to Consider

  • Mistakes are Expensive, So the Stakes are High – When you install your own ac unit, you also assume responsibility for the unit’s function. Each and every component is vital, and what seems like a relatively small error can add up to big expenses. There’s also the warranty on your unit to consider; any warranties that may come with your new system will likely be voided without a professional AC unit installation. New units are costly enough; the last thing you want is to immediately spring for new parts, expensive repairs, or an entirely new unit due to installation errors.
  • The Gamble Never Pays Off – Installing an AC unit is a difficult job that requires extensive training and experience to master. However, the cost of professional installation is always money well spent. A skillful installation pays for itself over time in better efficiency due to proper set-up, increased longevity due to careful installation, and the protection of working with licensed professionals.
  • Why Dealer’s Choice is the Way to Go – There are several variables to consider when choosing an appropriately sized unit for your home and its unique needs. There are also thousands of brands and options on the consumer market, so choosing the perfect one for your home can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. A skilled and experienced pro will come armed with all the information necessary to ensure a perfect fit for your new AC unit installation. 
  • Time is Money – The weather is warming up a little more every day, so your window of opportunity to get a new unit installed before the situation becomes downright desperate is beginning to close. The opportunity cost of installing it yourself gets higher and higher as you juggle the rest of your to-do list while watching the mercury climb. When you need to install a new system or replace one that’s no longer operational, time really is money. Having the situation addressed quickly and easily is worth more than gold. 

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