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How to Set Your Thermostat for Optimal Indoor Comfort

Air temperature and comfort are invariably linked but finding the right temperature for optimal comfort can be difficult. What temperature is comfortable during the winter is not necessarily the same during the summer – even the temperatures from night to day or room to room can vary when it comes to comfort. To obtain optimal indoor comfort, here are some tips on how to set your thermostat in different seasons and zones in your home. 

The Temperature Comfort Zone 

For most people, indoor temperatures that are right around 72 degrees is optimal. However, humidity, time of day, and other factors can impact how the air “feels” when it comes to comfort. While 72 degrees may feel perfect during the day, many people prefer cooler air at night when they are snuggled under their blankets. On the other hand, you may like warmer air when you step out of the shower in the morning. Here are a few suggestions on where to set your thermostat to create ideal temperatures in your home:

  • Daytime living space. 72 degrees is an ideal temperature for most people to feel comfortable. Setting your thermostat for 72 degrees for when your family will be home in the main living spaces is a good, neutral temperature for most people. 
  • Bedrooms and night-time settings. Lower air temperatures can help you sleep better. To achieve optimal comfort when you go to bed, consider setting your thermostat for 68 degrees or lower in your bedrooms at night. 
  • Bathrooms. If you can control your bathroom temperatures, consider going up a few degrees than the rest of the house. 74 degrees is the average temperature that most people desire in the bathroom. 
  • Summer versus winter. The humidity in the air can impact how comfortable you feel at certain temperatures. You may need to lower your indoor air temperature when it is extremely humid during the summer to feel comfortable. 

Energy efficiency is also a concern for most people. To find a setting that is both efficient and comfortable, set the temperature as high as tolerable in the summer and as low as possible in the winter. Try to adjust the temperatures to use less energy when you are not at home to help with energy costs. 

A programmable thermostat can help you keep each area of your home at the optimal temperature for comfort. To learn more about finding the right tools for climate control, contact our expert HVAC contractors at Sure-Fire. We install and service most types of HVAC systems for our customers in Wisconsin, including thermostat, air conditioning, and furnace installation and repairs. 


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