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Why Cooling and Heating Service Professionals are Vital to a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming time, especially when you stop to consider all the lifestyle changes vital to healthy outcomes. While it’s true there are  many good habits to acquire and bad ones to drop during pregnancy, some safety risks may not be immediately obvious. For example, have you ever imagined that part of bringing a new life safely into the world might involve working with cooling and heating service professionals? The truth is the quality of the air in your home can have a significant impact even before the bundle of joy arrives. 

Fortunately, experienced and knowledgeable professionals can help you maintain cleaner air with less pollution. 

How Air Quality Affects Unborn Children

While most people realize that what they eat and drink can a harm an unborn child, “air quality” rarely ranks near the top of most expectant parents’ list of concerns. While you’re actively avoiding risky foods and certain medications, you might want to consider ensuring the air in your home is safe. Pollution’s effects on pregnancy are well documented, with risks including but not limited to:

  • Asthma— Having asthma yourself isn’t always an indicator you’ll pass it along to your growing baby. Exposure to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy, however, may be linked to higher rates of asthma in children.
  • Preterm Birth – Children born before the 37th week of gestation are at risk for  several struggles, from neurological disorders to permanent physical disabilities. Difficulty breathing, heart problems, and an inability to regulate body temperature can also affect preterm babies. While there are many reasons for early labor, there is some indication that exposure to air pollution can be linked to preterm labor.
  • Fertility Struggles and Pregnancy Loss – Research indicates that air quality can have a deleterious effect on fertility, and may also be linked to spontaneous miscarriage in some cases. 

It’s also important to note that unborn babies aren’t the only ones potentially at risk; air pollution may also be linked to higher rates of gestational diabetes.

Do You Need a Furnace Replacement as Part of Your Babyproofing Upgrades?

Babyproofing, decorating a nursery, and creating safe spaces for play are all part of getting ready for your little one’s impending arrival. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced HVAC professional can also help you determine whether you need ducts cleaned, furnace replacement, or other heating services, too. 

If you’re not sure your air quality is safe for pregnancy or a newborn, we can help. Our servicing and inspection protocols can determine what, if any, attention is needed to ensure optimal air quality during this exciting time.


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