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Why Fall is the Best Time to Replace Your Central Unit

Your antique of an air conditioner made it through another summer, but as fall approaches, this might be the best time to think about a replacement. Find out why autumn is the best time for air conditioner and furnace replacement so you can enjoy all four seasons in comfort for years to come.

How Proactive Air Conditioner and Furnace Replacement Saves You Money and Grief

Waiting for your air HVAC system to break down before you replace it may feel like getting every penny’s worth out of the unit, but this can be a far less cost-effective strategy. If you’re waiting for your unit to give up the ghost, it’s most likely to do so when it’s working the hardest. 

This means you might have survived the strain of summer cooling, but can it meet the steep demands of winter heating service? If not, you could find yourself without working climate controls in your home when you need it most; during a winter blizzard or next summer’s heatwave. 

Because units tend to break down when they’re under the largest strain, winter and summer months tend to be exceptionally busy. Wait until a unit on its last legs finally dies, and you could find yourself on a waiting list for parts or service. In the autumn, when there is less demand for emergency repairs, it’s easier to plan a scheduled, no-stress replacement. 

You’re able to take your time, evaluate your options, and make decisions ideally suited to the unique needs of your home. If your unit gives up in the dead of winter, the urgency of replacing it in frigid conditions can often create the need for on-the-spot decisions. You may spend more for a unit that’s less effective for your home, just to get it installed as quickly as possible.

There’s also the matter of your energy bills to consider. A failing heat pump may technically work, for example, but it can cause your unit to rely on energy-hogging auxiliary heat strips, driving up your costs.

Getting a Jump on Winter Preparations

Winterizing a home can be a tall order; why not make sure your HVAC system is ready to go up against the coming cold? If you’re ready to get a jump on your winter planning by proactively scheduling an HVAC system or furnace replacement, we can help. 


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