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Is Your AC System Blowing Hot Air?

Is Your AC System Blowing Hot Air?

Few HVAC system issues can make you lose your cool quicker than an AC unit blowing hot air. On a hot, muggy day in Wisconsin, you depend on your AC system to keep you cool and comfortable. When your AC unit is acting more like a heater than a cooling device, you need to find the issue and get it resolved. Here are some of the top reasons your AC system is blowing hot air and what you need to do to fix the problem.

Is Your Thermostat Working Correctly?

It is always best to start with the simplest solution first. Check your thermostat and make sure all the settings are correct. Is it set to cool, not heat or fan? Is the temperature set correctly? Finally, does your thermostat need new batteries? If everything is working right, you can move on to other possible issues.

Are All Vents Blowing Hot Air?

If you have central AC, check all your vents. Are all blowing hot air or just one or two? If there is cold air coming out any vent, it is not your AC unit but instead a duct or venting issue.

Check the Evaporator Coils and Filter

Your AC system needs proper air flow to create cool air. Dirty evaporator coils, often caused by a dirty air filter, can cause the AC unit to freeze up and stop blowing cool air. If the air filter is dirty, turn off your AC and let the coil thaw. Replace the filter and see if your AC system begins working correctly again.

Look for Leaks

Are there any signs of leaks around your AC unit? If coolant is leaking, this could be your problem. You will need a professional repair to fix refrigerant issues, as these can be dangerous to address on your own.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Blockages of air flow in your outdoor unit can also cause your AC system to blow hot air. Make sure there is a clear space around the outside unit to allow proper air flow. Take some time to clear away shrubs or other plants around your condenser so it can breathe properly.

If you are not able to remedy your hot air problem on your own, give us a call at Sure-Fire. We can quickly find the problem and repair your AC system to give you relief. If it’s time to replace your air conditioner with a newer, more efficient system, we have many different options including some of the quietest and most efficient Lennox Air Conditioners.


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