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Shutting Down Your Heating System for Spring

Shutting Down Your Heating System for Spring

After a cold and blustery winter, warm spring temperatures are a welcomed arrival. When you are ready to shut down your furnace or heating system and let in some fresh air, be prepared to perform a little maintenance. Here are a few steps to ensure your heating system is properly shut down and will be ready to perform again when you need it next fall.

Turn Off Your Pilot Light

If you have a gas furnace, you will want to extinguish the pilot light for the spring and summer. There is no need to waste the gas needed to keep it lit when it will not be needed for several months. Shut off the pilot light according to the manufacturer instructions for your furnace.

Spring Clean Your Heating System

Add cleaning your heating vents and the area around your furnace to your spring-cleaning chores. Vacuum around your furnace and remove all debris. Wood furnaces and stoves should be cleaned as well as the chimneys to make them ready and safe for your first fire next fall.

Change Your Thermostat

Make sure you change your thermostat settings to “off” or “cool” to get ready for summer. If you have air conditioning, now is a good time to update your programmed settings to match your schedule to save on cooling costs.

Evaluate Your Heating System

How well did your heating system perform this winter? Were your heating bills higher or did you experience any problems? Now is a great time to address any repairs or maintenance that is needed. If there were issues, schedule a tune-up to have your system checked. If repairs are needed, or maybe it is time to consider replacing your old system, spring is the best time to accomplish the needed changes.

At Sure-Fire, we are here when you need us for all your heating and cooling needs. Call us to schedule a spring tune-up for your heating system. We can also get your air conditioning ready to go for the warmer summer months ahead.



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