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Commercial HVAC System

3 Ways You Can Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Energy Efficient

Energy costs for maintaining climate control in your commercial facility come straight out of your bottom line. When you can accomplish better energy efficiency with your commercial HVAC system, it can impact your profit level. There are a few ways you can achieve better performance and efficiency from your HVAC system. Here are three ways Sure-Fire suggests increasing energy savings with your commercial HVAC system.

1. Regular Tune-Ups and Maintenance

First and foremost, HVAC systems need regular preventive maintenance. Just like vehicles and other equipment used for your business, tune-ups and routine maintenance can help your HVAC system perform more efficiently and help extend the lifespan of your system. Most commercial HVAC systems should have maintenance performed at regular intervals throughout the year to replace filters, lubricate, clean, and inspect the various components. 

2. Building Automation Systems

If your commercial HVAC system is manually controlled, you may be able to make it more efficient with a building automation system. Even updating your thermostats can play a significant role in lowering your energy costs. Automated thermostat control can ensure you are only heating and cooling when needed, minimizing stress on your system while decreasing your energy costs. 

3. Energy-Efficiency Analysis 

Do you know whether your commercial HVAC system is performing at the optimal efficiency level? The best way to find out is with a professional energy-efficiency analysis. Our experienced HVAC technicians at Sure-Fire can provide in-depth analysis to determine areas of opportunity to increase your HVAC energy efficiency. This can possibly save hundreds of dollars off your energy costs by just making a few changes to your system. 

If you notice higher cooling or heating costs, it may be time to consider improving your commercial HVAC system. Routine maintenance, automated temperature control and an energy analysis are great ways to protect your investment. To schedule service for your commercial heating or cooling system in Wisconsin, contact our team at Sure-Fire in Horicon, WI.


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