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Ductwork Installation in Basement

Ductwork Installation: What You Can Expect

Retrofitting a home with ductwork installation can be tricky. Homes without adequate space in a large attic or basement require ingenuity and experienced installers to ensure the work is completed efficiently to help make you comfortable in your home while saving on energy bills. If your home is suitable for ductwork installation, here’s what you can expect.

Making a Plan for Your Ductwork Installation  

The first step for ductwork installation is mapping out a plan for where the ducts will go. While you want to ensure that your central air system can reach every room so your home is comfortable, you may need to get creative. For example, some homes may have a spacious attic or basement that makes it easy to run ductwork. 

However, if you don’t have an attic or basement, or you do, and they don’t provide enough room, then you may need to discuss other options with your installers. This could mean covering up ducts visible from inside your home or lowering your ceilings to hide them. On the other hand, if you want to go for the industrial vibe and have the space for it, you may even embrace the look!

Choosing an HVAC Unit and More

Once the ductwork plan is mapped out and your installers know the output needed, they can give you options for your new HVAC unit. The unit’s location will need to be factored into the ductwork map, so this is the best time to make this decision. You may also want to choose thermostats and where you want them located within the home. 

Prep Work Before Ductwork Installation

Your installers will schedule a date to begin work that works best for you. They’ll let you know if anything needs to be done before they arrive. For example, you may need to clear out space in a particular area of your home or give them access to the backyard. Make sure to guard pets safely so they aren’t anxious about loud noises, and workers can enter and exit the house without anyone getting hurt or lost. 

Making Space Before Ductwork Installation

Once the plan and HVAC unit get final approval from you and your installers, it’s time to get to work. First, they’ll need to make holes in the drywall where vents will be placed. If any other modifications are necessary, they will do those now as the new ducts are brought in and connected according to the map. 

If you’re ready to invest in central air but need ductwork, call Sure-Fire to schedule an inspection. One of our experienced installers can inspect your home and discuss options with you if ductwork is possible. If not, we also have ductless systems available to ensure that you and your family are comfortable year-round!


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